Giving Back to the Community

At West Road Dental, we are always happy to give back to our community and abroad! All of the proceeds from our new patient exams are donated to our patients’ charity of choice. In addition, members of our staff often go on various Mission Trips, and our office loves sponsoring students in need. Below is just one of the students we’ve helped sponsor recently:

Doreen’s Story
Her story was touching. Her experiences, heartbreaking. At the age of 15, Doreen had enrolled in Primary five at a local school near her place of residence in Bugembe-Jinja.

Doreen and her mother were left homeless and helpless after her father left them for another wife and family. Doreen’s mother then remarried and had two more children. That father left as well. Doreen’s mother, jobless and uneducated, could not manage to take care of the children and herself. Doreen took on a job two years later as a house helper. During this time Doreen was psychological and verbally abused by the woman. Doreen was continuously reminded of her helplessness and referred to as a “worthless poor girl.”

A year later, Doreen felt like she could not continue with such treatment, and chose to leave. However, when she requested for her pay, she was only given a three months’ salary out of the 12 months she had worked at the house. Leaving in pain, feeling cheated and used, Doreen returned to her mother, who had secured a small room in Bugembe.

Doreen knew the only way she could have a better life was by acquiring education. Knowing this, she put aside the feelings of shame and ignored the stigma of entering primary at age 15 and used the little money she had earned to enroll in school. As a strategy to have money for the next school term, she decided to use the small field in front of her home to cultivate corn after school.

SCOPE Foundation came into contact with Doreen during Amie’s (a friend from the United States) exploratory visit of SCOPE.

Doreen’s story of determination greatly touched Amie, as well as many others following Amie’s trip on Social Media. Because of Doreen’s relentless effort of hope for a brighter future, the West Road Dental team graciously offered to sponsor Doreen’s schooling. Doreen is now full of smiles and hopes as she is studying in one of the best boarding schools in Uganda.

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