Gum Disease Treatment in Houston, TX

Over 64 million Americans have some level of gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is caused by bacteria. It leads to inflammation and is oftentimes painful. If you are experiencing gum disease, then learn how West Road Dental can provide you with a gum disease treatment in Houston, TX.

How Is Gum Disease Caused?

Periodontal gum disease is commonly caused by the following factors:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • A family history of gum disease
  • Malnutrition
  • Stress
  • Buildup of plaque

Symptoms may include red, swollen gums, bleeding after brushing and flossing, loose teeth, and abscess. Contact your dentist if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment requires the dentist to carefully remove pockets of bacteria around your teeth. Our dentists at West Road Dental are highly trained with this process. After the bacteria is completely removed, we will recommend frequent visits to continue cleaning out the area to prevent the return of bacteria. You may require gum disease surgery if your teeth have become loose. This is another way to completely remove plaque and bacteria. Gum therapy treatment, commonly known as scaling and planing, may also be necessary.

Speak with your personal dentist to see if you have gum disease and find out which treatment option is the best for your situation. Regular dental cleanings will help to ensure a healthy mouth and allows your dentist to catch gum disease early. Contact our dentists at West Road Dental for an appointment today!

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